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From emails to social media to print, text messages, landing pages and more, our platform has all of your content needs covered.



  • Reactivate inactive patients

  • Share practice announcements with ease


  • Design your emails in our very easy email editor

  • Increase retention when you show up in the inbox

  • Position your practice as an expert in the eyes of your community


Core Content, Premium Features, and So Many More Bonuses Included!


Clinical Benefits for Your Patients. 
Practice-Building Benefits for You.

WholeLifeRx™ is a 12-week lifestyle medicine program for patients to achieve clinical health built within a virtual platform that helps practitioners more easily connect with patients.

The Online Supplement Dispensary for Easy Direct-to-Patient Ordering 

  • Branded to Your Practice

  • Customized Product Selection

  • Option to Bundle Products

  • Discount Codes

  • Auto-Ship Fulfillment

  • Easily Shareable Direct-to-Product Links

A Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

WholeLifeQ identifies the specific clinical needs of patients and monitors their progress throughout the lifestyle program. With symptom burden charting and analysis, it clearly communicates the patient’s symptoms and demonstrates progress.

Trainings that lay out all of the details so it's simple to add to your everyday healthcare practice. 

In Practice Success Programs, we offer training in WholeLifeRx™, our 12-week Lifestyle Medicine Program. These training programs are designed to provide you the expertise you need to build your most successful practice.


Regular Newsletters And Educational Communications
  • Help people understand the importance of your product

  • Save hours each month

  • Be out of sight, but on the mind of your customers

  • Build your email and texting list with value-based educational offers

  • Open doors with other leaders in the community

Events and Webinars
  • Get local press with regular events and webinars

  • Create a powerful network of other local businesses

  • Build a video content library by recording your events and webinars

  • Dramatically improve the overall customer experience

  • Establish yourself as an expert and an authority

Online Challenges
  • Fully automate your challenge in seconds

  • Increase customer engagement,  leading to increased referrals

  • Fun and playful way to bring awareness around your product

  • #1 one way to increase engagement on various social platforms

  • Stay top of mind with customers who have not purchased or visited your business in a long time

New Patient Onboarding

Educate With Ease With Our Platform

  • Keep customer education systematized

  • Increase retention

  • Amplify engagement

  • Decrease missed sales windows

  • Immediately boost your customer experience

Referral Programs
  • Automated emails, texts, social, and print resources to build awareness

  • Fun and creative ways to generate referrals

  • Motivation for your customers to pay it forward, increasing overall engagement

  • Leading to an increase in your number of monthly new customers

  • Makes asking for referrals frictionless, non-confrontational, and team-driven.

Print Assets And Presentations
  • Extremely well-researched content in print form

  • Presentations that are built to convert with research based scripts

  • Print materials that will start dialogues

  • Opportunities to gain local media press.

  • Saves dozens of hours each month



Susan Plank


I've been in practice for thirty years, always striving to be the best clinician for my clients.  But then I had a realization, I can be the best clinician but I couldn't sit back and wait for my ideal client to find me, I had no online presence.  A couple years ago, I started scheduling 45 minutes every morning to come up with social media posts; facebook, instagram, linkedin.  Then I'd pay fb to boost those posts.  I kept thinking I needed to do more, spend more, but I had no idea what to do, it was a stress every day sucking up my time and money with little return.  I loved helping clients. I hated finding them.


A few months ago, I saw nimativ, it seemed too good to be true.  I had tried click funnels, mail chimp, active campaign, hubspot and various crms. I didn't want to go down that path again but I am thrilled that I did.  Nimativ is easy to set up (I am a non-techie) and use.  The hardest part is deciding what preset wellness campaign you want to use, there are so many choices!  The live training w/ Nicole Willis is consistent, thorough and precise, it's like you're getting a business coach too.


I had never done a fb live event before, too intimidating.  What if I look foolish?  Using nimativ, I've done 4 live events in the last six weeks.  Nimitiv's marketing map saves me time and keeps me focused.  Nimitiv's done-for-you webinar campaigns, not only save me time and money but has given me the online presence I've been searching for for years.


People are hurting and looking for natural wellness care.  Now that I'm using nimativ, they can find me!  Practice is exciting again, I'm saving time, money and really enjoying doing live events.

“I trust Biotics Research, I've used their products for over twenty years, they're quality is above reproach and client outcomes are amazing.


When I saw they were supporting their healthcare providers by offering a lifestyle medicine and practice development program together I wanted to check it out.


For the last few months, I've been using nimativ, a marketing solution that honestly I've been missing in practice and looking desperately for.  I know marketing is necessary but it has been the black hole of my time and money.  Not with nimativ.  Nimativ is easy to get up and running and is exciting to use, the various done-for-you campaigns are amazing!


And Biotics Research, didn't disappoint.  Their Whole Life Rx program using MetabolicBiome Plus is getting unbelievable results for my clients.  Seriously, my client's are actually physically shrinking and their self esteem is through the roof.  Their friends and family are seeing their fantastic results which is increasing my word of mouth referrals.  It's amazing and has reinvigorated my enthusiasm in my practice.


Thank you Biotics for partnering with nimativ and reigniting my passion for building my practice.  My clients are getting amazing results, I've increased my online presence thanks to nimativ, this is going to be a great year!"



Susan Plank


nimativ. is proud to support our healthcare professionals by collaborating with the following partners:

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