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We provide an easy, turn-key marketing system for wellness professionals.

nimativ. is proud to support our healthcare professionals by collaborating with the following partners:

All of Your Company Features in One Place

All of the features you need to successfully market your practice and educate your patients. Keeping it simple is key, this is why Nimativ is your answer. We intentionally created the ONLY (simple) marketing platform and patient education system you need for your practice.


The Simplest Marketing Platform And Patient Education System Is Here For You!

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Open Office
Hour Q&A

We offer weekly sessions to get your questions answered with our entire community of practices You and your team can attend as many as you desire and all technical questions will be answered LIVE.

Our monthly marketing training is some of the best in the industry because we focus on teaching marketing fundamentals that are guaranteed to work in your practice. In addition, feel free to ask any marketing questions during these live trainings.

Live Chat
When You
Need It

Our Healthcare Professional Happiness team lives inside of your Dashboard and will be able to guide and support all of your needs. Simply shoot them a message and you will get a response quickly so that there is no delay in your desired outcome.

Too Much Work?
It's Already Done!
Pre-designed campaigns
Text messages
Social media posts
What Our Users Are Saying

“I've been in practice for thirty years, always striving to be the best clinician for my clients.  But then I had a realization, I can be the best clinician but I couldn't sit back and wait for my ideal client to find me, I had no online presence.  A couple years ago, I started scheduling 45 minutes every morning to come up with social media posts; facebook, instagram, linkedin.  Then I'd pay fb to boost those posts.  I kept thinking I needed to do more, spend more, but I had no idea what to do, it was a stress every day sucking up my time and money with little return.  I loved helping clients. I hated finding them.


A few months ago, I saw nimativ, it seemed too good to be true.  I had tried click funnels, mail chimp, active campaign, hubspot and various crms. I didn't want to go down that path again but I am thrilled that I did.  Nimativ is easy to set up (I am a non-techie) and use.  The hardest part is deciding what preset wellness campaign you want to use, there are so many choices!  The live training w/ Nicole Willis is consistent, thorough and precise, it's like you're getting a business coach too.


I had never done a fb live event before, too intimidating.  What if I look foolish?  Using nimativ, I've done 4 live events in the last six weeks.  Nimitiv's marketing map saves me time and keeps me focused.  Nimitiv's done-for-you webinar campaigns, not only save me time and money but has given me the online presence I've been searching for for years.


People are hurting and looking for natural wellness care.  Now that I'm using nimativ, they can find me!  Practice is exciting again, I'm saving time, money and really enjoying doing live events.

Susan Plank


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