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Now More Than Ever, Digital Marketing Is A Must

With the world turning more and more to digital communication, do you find yourself falling behind online marketing trends? As a busy healthcare professional, your job is to treat patients, not become experts at digital marketing. Yet, many healthcare professionals realize their practices require they go beyond the brick and mortar, especially during times when meeting patients face-to-face is challenging.  

In the past, most healthcare professionals believed having a nicely built website with resources and contact information would be enough. Today, doctors are increasingly turning to telemedicine options and ramping up their online presence with vibrant social media platforms, live webinars, swift text communication – all to help build patient relationships and advance the success of their practices. As a matter of fact, digital marketing has skyrocketed for everyone in recent years. In 2019, 2.95 billion people were using social media worldwide, with a projected increase to almost 3.43 billion in 2023.

Although a daunting task, doctors must include a marketing arm when building their practices.

Here are a few simple steps to get you digitally ready:  

Build Your List

Your list is all of your patients with whom you’d like to communicate on a regular basis. When asking them for their personal information, be sure to let them know you’ll be emailing periodically, even sending SMS texts, if possible. Your list is invaluable as it connects you to your patients when they’re not able to come to the office.

Create Your Social Media Presence

Obviously, the world gets too much of their information from social media; most of the younger generation spends an average 6 hours a day on social media platforms! 

  • On LinkedIn, your presence can be used to connect to healthcare professionals like yourself or share a blog or insight to draw the interest in your community. 

  • On Facebook, you can build out closed groups for support groups or host a business page for your practice so people can find you when they’re searching. 

  • Instagram’s users grew by 6.7% in 2019 compared to the previous year and isn’t predicted to slow for a few years, so be sure to at least have an Instagram page. Even better is if you can provide content specific to your type of practice and create a following here, which will boost your overall practice.

Write Blogs or Host Video Chats

Building content that reflects the type of practice you have might be the most challenging and time-consuming part of having an online presence. Oftentimes, reposting content written or videotaped by someone else can be effective because you’re sharing it. 

However, original content reflective of your specific passion in natural medicine will set you above the rest. Usually a website will be able to host a blog; writing a 300-500 word blog about a topic you find interesting or helpful to your patients goes a long way. Your patients are listening. Video can be even more effective as they allow you to be concise and capture the viewer’s interest in the first few seconds. As a matter of fact, videos rank higher than any other post because they naturally encourage engagement from viewers.

Where Do I Start? 

Starting a digital platform from the ground up can seem daunting. Afterall, this is not why you got into medicine. Biotics has collaborated with nimativ, a fully developed online digital platform exclusively for healthcare professionals. They understand that you didn't get into health and wellness because you have a passion for marketing and content creation; it’s also very financially draining to hire a marketing team. The experts at nimativ have decades of experience building turn-key marketing programs for healthcare professionals like you. 

Better yet, each member of the nimativ team believes in the power of natural medicine. Many experienced years of frustration and needless suffering and found relief and healing with the life-changing principles of natural medicine. Together, they combined their vast digital marketing knowledge with the respect they hold for passionate wellness entrepreneurs like you. 

Want to learn more? We thought so.

Simplify marketing and patient education for your practice that is fully integrated and team drive.

Work with nimativ to:  

  • Reactivate inactive patients

  • Share practice announcements with ease 

  • Design your emails in our very easy email editor 

  • Increase retention when you show up in the inbox 

  • Position your practice as an expert in the eyes of your community

  • Use the over 1000 already-written health campaigns to drive your online presence

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